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Considered one of the pioneers of Neurofeedback in the Netherlands, Ben Reitsma brings wealth of experience to neuroCare Group

neuroCare is pleased to welcome to the Group, GGZ BrainDynamics in Gronigen, as part of a network of a growing network of evidence-based neuromodulation treatment clinics in The Netherlands.

The clinic is led by Ben Reitsma who is considered one of the pioneers of Neurofeedback in the Netherlands, cofounding a Neurofeedback taskforce under the NIP (Dutch APA) in 2000. In this role Ben co-authored the blueprint of requirements for quality assurance of Neurofeedback as part of the NIP.

Together with Johan Fekkes (neuroCare Hengelo), he delivered a number European oriented courses on the application of Neurofeedback as well as continuing his own private practice.

The practice in Groningen is staffed by four general health psychologists, a clinical psychologist, a psychotherapist, a psychomotor therapist as well as a systems and relationship therapist.  The team is valued for offering personalised and holistic approaches to a range of mental health areas, with services combining psychotherapeutic tools in CBT, CBASP, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and EMDR along with neuromodulation approach of rTMS, Neurofeedback and Heart Rate Variability Training.

With these methodologies, the team is experienced in treating anxiety, depression, AD/HD, personality disorders, sleep disorders, burnout and trauma.

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