How Working with a Health Coach Can Support Your Employees

Have you heard people say that the world is going “back to normal” in 2022? If those statements make you wonder what businesses are operating as they did prior to the pandemic, you aren’t alone. With companies in most industries facing massive employee shortages, skyrocketing healthcare costs, and a worldwide move towards remote and hybrid work arrangements, it’s no wonder that most businesses are far from “back to normal” operations.

Businesses are now scrambling to adjust to the new way of work. What many are discovering is that programs enhancing employee health and mental well-being can help with several key business goals:

  • Employee Retention – When employees believe that a company cares about their health and quality of life, they feel appreciated and respond with greater loyalty.
  • Reduced Healthcare Costs – It costs less to insure healthy employees than it does those with risk factors like obesity and diabetes.
  • Increased Productivity – Whether they work in the office, from home, or while traveling the world, healthy employees that feel valued are more focused and productive.

There are a lot of ways to promote health and wellness through employee programs. You can offer discounts to a local gym, but only a small percentage of your employees may take advantage. Others are likely to sign up but never go, wasting your investment and minimizing results.

Offering the services of a health coach will deliver better results because a coach can create a personalized plan for every employee. Instead of offering blanket benefits with a lot of waste, you can give every employee the opportunity to address their unique health and wellness needs with a professional.


How Work May be Impacting Your Employees’ Health

Work is more stressful than ever for employees overloaded with tasks due to reduced staffing or struggling to balance work with a more complicated family life. As prices rise at the gas pumps and in supermarkets, stress and fatigue make focusing on work more and more difficult.

It isn’t surprising that the World Health Organization has classified burnout as an occupational phenomenon leading to increased contact with healthcare providers. This phenomenon comes with the following symptoms:

  • Exhaustion or depleted energy
  • Professional withdrawal
  • Cynicism and negativity
  • Reduced productivity
  • Lower quality of work

As more employees feel stressed and overwhelmed at work and home, rates of burnout are skyrocketing.

When Should You Consider a Health Coach for Your Team?

You should consider investing in an employee health coach before you start noticing those symptoms of burnout throughout your office. A coach can help each employee identify their biggest stressors and implement effective management strategies before they reach the point of overwhelm.

If you’re already noticing signs of burnout or some of your best employees are starting to request more time off or decrease productivity, now is the time to act. If you don’t have an HR department or another member of leadership able to directly talk to employees about their mental and emotional health, a health coach is the best investment you can make.

What a Health Coach Can Offer Your Business

In general, there are two ways to work with a company-focused health coach:

  • Group workshops or events
  • Pre-booked individual appointments

You may combine these options by introducing the health coach through a group event and then allowing employees to use pre-booked sessions. That means your company pays for a set number of personalized coaching sessions and then each employee is permitted to use a certain number of sessions.

Your coach can cover a variety of general topics, including but not limited to:

  • Nutrition
  • Exercise
  • Improved sleep routines
  • Healthy mindset

Employees taking advantage of your health coaching programs are likely to come to work with renewed hope and increased energy. As their overall health and lives outside of work improve, you can expect to see improvements in their work productivity and quality as well.

How to Find the Right Health Coach for Your Team

Start by asking your employees about their current stress levels and biggest stressors. Collect anonymous information that encourages employees to answer your questions honestly. If you don’t know what problems they’re facing, it’s difficult to select a coach with the right expertise to help.

Your ideal coach will be board-certified by a reputable training organisation, such as the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching and ideally have followed other specialized training in areas of interest.

Health Coaches within the neurocare group's network of clinics, work as part of an integrated team which can additionally offer specialised mental health or neuromodulation solutions.

neurocare Health Coaches are available for in-person or remote sessions with employees at businesses of all sizes. You can secure basic coaching services or add more advanced care like neurofeedback while working with one service provider. We make caring for the well-being of your employees easier and more affordable.

Health Coaching is available in the following regions at neurocare. Contact your nearest region to discuss the unique needs of your employees.



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