neurocare announces entry into ketamine-assisted therapy market through cooperation with Privatpraxis Dr. Scheib in Berlin

Munich, Germany, May 11, 2022 - neurocare group AG (“neurocare” or the “Company”), a leading innovator in personalized mental health and performance empowering clinicians to deliver best practice, is pleased to announce the collaboration with Privatpraxis Dr. Scheib in Berlin, Germany, one of the pioneers worldwide in ketamine-assisted therapy for depression. This collaboration allows the Company to enter the ketamine-assisted therapy market and to commence opening clinics in Germany.

“The ketamine-assisted therapy protocols by Dr. Scheib and his team have generated rapid and meaningful improvements for many patients suffering from depression. As we continue to grow into new markets, this collaboration strengthens our footprint geographically and as an innovator in mental healthcare”, says Dr. Thomas Rudolf, COO of neurocare’s Clinics divison.

Tom Mechtersheimer, Founder & CEO of neurocare, adds: ”Privatpraxis Dr. Scheib combines ketamine treatments with other therapies such as transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS),  psychotherapy and neurofeedback. This treatment perfectly corresponds with our personalized approach that empowers clinicians to deliver the best possible and most sustainable outcome for patients. Indeed, it represents the core of our unique digital therapy platform.”

According to market research, the global psychedelic drugs market is expected to grow to USD 69b in 2025 (Source: Ketamine, a psychedelic substance, has shown promising clinical results for treatment of treatment-resistant depression, specifically administered as part of a combination therapy with TMS (Source: Best, Steven R D et al. 2019 doi:10.1016/j.heliyon.2019.e02187).

About neurocare group AG:

neurocare is innovating mental health and performance. We offer the first digital therapy platform (DTP) in its area that empowers clinicians to deliver best practice. Our integrated and personalized therapy approach is based on a strong clinical science background with over 20 years of research and technology development. Our business is driven by two strong growth channels: building our own clinics and providing our unique DTP to 3rd parties. We are currently treating about 2,000 patients annually in our own clinics. neurocare’s scalable business is ready to meet the need for more productive and sustainable solutions following the mental health fallout due to the pandemic.


Pamela Keck
neurocare group AG